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Last Login, AKAme 5.10.09 6:20 pm
Dave Stephens
To Dos, 1 Pending
Save an Apple Pie!!! Help Grandpa & Grandma prune
their apple tree.
Posted by: Mary Rothchild Done?
Is anyone free to pick up Jim & Mary Stephens at the
Airport on Monday Oct 29th at 3:30pm?
Posted By: Rick Manning Take?
Does anyone need some firewood? That big pine tree
by our house looks like it’s about ready to fall over and
it’s freaking me out! John’s chainsaw and pickup are
available! Posted by: Samantha Stephens Take?
Ron Marrs has offered to donate a half side of beef for
the Barbeque if someone’s willing to run up to
Bremerton to get it.
Posted By: Rod Travis Take?
Birthdays! (3 days’ notice)
Samantha Stephens!
(Monday Oct 29th)
James Rand 33!
(November 3rd)
Events (1 weeks’ notice)
Any Ideas where we should have the Rothbury Family Reunion This Year?
Rothbury Family
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Everyone’s welcome at our place this year for the barbeque and outing.
Come one, come all! Mike Stephens 4.3.09
Uncle Jim & Aunt Mary are coming up to Seattle from Houston on the 4th thru
the 9th. They’re staying with us so if you’d like to catch them, that’s where they’ll
be. John Stephens 4.1.09
Hey all, “It’s a boy”! He’s named after Uncle John. Sherri Kapote 3.27.09
Hello everyone, it’s Grandpa here, anyone want our old Toyota? She’s got a
new set of shoes & runs like a top! Just let us know. Ron Stephens 3.23.09
I just got a letter from Jonathon. He says they’re shipping him back to the states in
August and he hopes to be back home by Sept 10th! Rhonda Singleton 3.22.09
Hey Mary, could you check on the Sandy Place for me?
I looked into it, it’s a go! Call me whenever you get a chance. Mary Bowes
Hi Dave, let’s do some lunch this week! Ron Stephens
Congratulations on the new account! Mark Carpenter
Hey Dave, figured I’d better kiss up and say thanks for the ride to work
yesterday, might need another one next week! Jimmy Marx
Check this out Mike! www.rocketpoweredcars.com
Cool, check out www.anythingchevy.com Mike Torrez
Hi Dave, I’be been thinking about your idea for the old firehouse, it might work
out pretty good. Give us a call sometime. Rhonda Stephens
Nice work Dave! Sam Ricks
Merge Stephens Family Group with The Stephens Family Group?
Replace Icon For Lynwood Car Club?
Change Keith Ledbetter’s Status to Inactive?
Rename Seattle Sabercats to The Seattle Sabercats?
New Groupies!
OK, not usually one to complain but Jeff’s Bar & Grill has
bad food, bad service and they’re overpriced! Susan
Don’t use Robinson Garage Doors! Try ABC or Schmidt.
Jim Stephens
Watch out for magazine sales people, it’s a scam! Rob
Dave & I are both pretty sick after eating at South of the
Bridge Mexican Restaruant Cindy Rappapor
A-OK Used cars on the beltway is a huge ripoff! Tried to
sell us a real gem. Mindy Stephens
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If you get a chance check out Pete’s Barbeque down on
1st Ave, nice place, cool people & good eats! Rob
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Samantha Stephens rocks!!! She took care of Rudy
all week, I think she even gave him a bath! Rick
The new deli on 49th, ooh-la-la. Lil Murrs
The Lynnwood Car Club guys are awesome, thanks for
everything! Lucy Lambert
I heard Sanders Meats might be going out of business if
sales don’t pick up. Do we really want to lose him to the
big box stores? Rick Ryans
Mike down at S & R auto repair did me right! Mitch
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Send Good Wishes?
Shawna Lowell
Invited By: Dave Stephens
James Rand
Invited By: Cindy Stephens
The Stephens Family
Seattle Sabercats
Lynwood Car Club Cruise
(Sunday Oct 21st)
Humane Society of Seattle Meeting
(Thursday Oct 13th)
Stephens Family Party
(Sunday Oct 28th)
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